Elsie’s Oat Creams

My great-granny’s cook/housekeeper in Scotland was a very good baker. Elsie taught my mum how to bake when she started working on the farm so without her, my childhood would have been a lot less sweet! These biscuits are a firm favourite in our family. They’re quick and easy but very tasty. As the biscuits […]


I spend all year hanging out for Christmas to arrive. I love it so much that I spend all year thinking about it and whether it is too early to start baking or writing Christmas cards. Admittedly, I get sick of writing Christmas cards pretty quickly so maybe if I wrote them throughout the year, […]

Anzac Biscuits

One of the quickest and easiest biscuit recipes getting around would have to be for Anzac biscuits. It’s the biscuit that everyone knows and loves and it can be whipped up within a very short space of time. I always have the ingredients in my pantry as they are very basic, staple items which means […]