Mulberry Muffins

I’ve managed to get the timing of this recipe down to a fine art. I can have the muffins coming out of the oven just as Cora is waking up from a nap. If you need something that bakes super quickly, this is the recipe for you. It uses oil instead of butter so there […]

Fresh plum and vanilla muffins

I don’t really like too many things about summer. I am definitely more of an autumn and winter kind of person. I love wearing layers, cooking big, warming meals (and puddings obvs) and drinking red wine in front of the fire. One of the things that I do like about summer is stone fruit! Our […]

Chocolate, pear and coconut muffins

I’m very sorry for the radio silence. I find that the days go by so quickly without me actually achieving very much. One of my sisters lives in Melbourne so we were down there for five days last week. We sampled quite a few cafes (someone had to) and had a wonderful time. We had […]

Fresh Blueberry Muffins

We’re just back from a trip to New South Wales to visit my husband’s family. Trips away have suddenly become more of an effort since our daughter was born, almost six months ago. Cora travels very well generally but if we try to go anywhere in the car after 5pm, she becomes a totally different […]